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So Let Me Ask You a Question??

What would it mean to you to double your sales with one incredibly simple strategy?

And here is the best part - you do not have to make more prospecting or sales calls!!!

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If you are 100% commission this could double your income – WOW!! …

If you are salary + commission this could double your commission – Again WOW!! …

So at is this Super Technique??

You may be surprised but it is the #1 REASON someone will buy from you!!

Think of how powerful it will be for you to not just know the real answer but also know HOW to get people to make their buying decision.


My name is Wayne Fredin and I have been selling for over 30 years..

I have sold everything from multi million dollar technical solutions to low ticket consumer products…

I have led national and international business to business sales teams..

I have built and led large network marketing teams..

I have been on literally thousands of sales calls..

I have organized and conducted hundreds of sales training events with very small to very large groups..

I am not telling you this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that I have proverbially been there, done that and have the scars and T-shirts to prove it!!!

You know what I have learned? High performing sales people use this concept every day and most do not even know it..just imagine the results they could achieve if they did it ON purpose and WITH purpose!

You know what else I have learned? Long ago I quit believing I could read a book or go to an event or do a training that would change everything. I still do all these things all the time but now I look for a single takeaway I can immediately apply to what I am doing to improve my performance just one little bit. Let those little improvements ‘compound’ over time and they can have a dramatic impact on your results and income!!

So back to my question – what would doubling your sales and growing your income mean to you?

Start to Stack the Deck in your Favour.

Go into every sales call with the odds on your side.

You won’t win every deal but this concept will totally change your Ratios, Revenue, Results and Rewards!

The USB will come loaded with a video file and an audio file so you can watch or listen to it at any time or on any device. Take Action now to get yours free!!!

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Let me tease you with a few numbers..

Ask a room of 100 experienced sales folks this question

What is the #1 Reason someone buys from you..What answers will get shouted out??

Having done this hundreds of times it pretty much comes down to things like..

They trust or like you..Important and in others programs I get into this in great detail..

They trust or like your company..This too is important but is really just a factor..

Price?.. Sometimes but remember the old adage that if price is the only issue then you are probably having the wrong conversation..

Service..Can make a difference for sure and is a contributor but not the REASON

So now you are asking what is the catch or gimmick?

I know exactly how you FEEL.. When I first came up with or more accurately stumbled on this I FELT the same way

This is just Smoke and Mirrors and will never work

Then I tried it over and over..Let's face it – I had nothing to lose and everything to gain

And to my surprise I FOUND out it works!!

The overwhelming majority of Sales people behaviors are driven by how they are compensated..


Ok let's just call it like it is..SHOW ME THE MONEY!!


So even if you only get half of what I believe you can do by using this material on every sales call you make would that be ok?

Instead of doubling your sales you only increase them by 50%?

How about a third??

What difference would that make to your bottom line?

Would it allow you to take that great vacation you have always dreamed of?

Would it allow you to buy that new family home you really want?

Would it allow you to buy that new car you really want?


I am so confident it will work for you too that if you are not completely satisfied that you have received incredible value from learning from my training then email me and I will refund your $7.97 and you can even keep the USB!!


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Wait - there is more!

And because you are trusting me I am going to thank you by adding an exciting bonus!!

I will include an electronic copy of my book Sales Leadership: Distinctions With a Difference valued at $9.99..

And remember if you are not completely satisfied I will send you your money back and you keep the USB and the copy of my book – no questions asked.

Testimonial on Wayne's book which forms the basis for this course. One of the challenges with leading a sales organization is trying and insisting on implementing strategies that have worked in the past without factoring the ever changing dynamic of today's sales force. Mr Fredin presents an approach that is logical and consistent with high performing sales management. An enjoyable read that gives you pause for thought.......I recommend this book and investment of time in reading for all up and coming sales leaders who may have thought they had the formula and for established leaders with a need for reaffirmation of their style. Thanks Wayne!! Jeffrey Cohen

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With almost 40 years of experience as an Army Officer, a Sales Executive and a Salesman in both public and private companies and having been self-employed, Wayne shares with you his most fundamental lessons. Wayne provides direct insight and focus on Selling and Sales Leadership and offers thoughts and ideas you can immediately put to use.