For those redirected here after purchasing thanks very much for your support and business. It is much appreciated!!

Watch this short video to learn how you can leverage TARP to get your product the equivalent of FREE!!



So how do I earn money from this?


Pretty simple actually. Like it says on the video above all you have to do is register on my site to become a TARP participant. Please watch the video below to see a step by step overview of how to actually do that - it takes about 5 minutes.



Now most people will only do this to pay for their training but you could earn lots more simply by referring more of your friends, associates and contacts to my site. In a perfect world here is a projection of what you could earn if you ultimately helped me sell to 200 new customers at $100 each.


Purchase $100
Total Sales Commission Sub Overall
Sales Difference % Total Total
5 5 20 $100 $100
10 5 20 $100 $200
15 5 25 $125 $325
20 5 25 $125 $450
25 5 25 $125 $575
30 5 30 $150 $725
40 10 40 $400 $1,125
50 10 50 $500 $1,625
100 50 50 $2,500 $4,125

Disclaimer - This is an example only. There is no guarantee that any income will be earned. It totally depends on your individual efforts.

WOW - by helping me sell to 200 new customers who each only spend $100, you can earn up to $7,725. That is real money!!


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Ok so I am now registered. How the heck do I actually do this? I have no experience in this 'stuff'?