Welcome to my Affiliate and Referral Program Page

Affiliates are welcome to request status for my online sales courses and series. If you already have an account with PayKickStart you can go there to register for my current campaigns or you can register for the following campaigns separately

  1. Take Action Sales Academy Launch Bundle - https://paykstrt.com/request/7160

Please note that as I have a 30 day money back guarantee all commissions will be withheld for 30 days. Also note I will only pay commissions through PayPal unless you can demonstrate why I should change this based on your current and past performance as an Affiliate Marketer.

For those of you who are not established Affiliates but would like to take advantage of my Take Action Referral Program (TARP) where you can earn commissions from 20-50% simply for recommending my courses to your contacts click the box below to learn more.

Not an Affiliate But Still Want to Earn $$$

Learn About TARP