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How would you like a fun and refreshing way to improve your selling skills, increase your closing ratios and grow your income?


I recently produced the Alphabet Sales Series. This is a series of 26 Sales topics from A-Z where each is 5-8 minutes long. It comes with both Video and Audio files so you have the option of watching or just listening. For example,


A = Always Be Closing

B = Back to Basics

C = 5 C's to Success

D = Dial for Dollars

E = Execute Brilliantly

F = Feel Felt Found – an incredible objection handling technique

G = Great Example

H = Half Done is Well Begun

I = Inside Sales

J = Just One More

K = Keep it Real

L = Top 3 Leadership Principles

M = Managing Your Emotions

N = By the Numbers

O = Opportunity Knocks

P = Plan Meticulously

Q = Quotes and Cliches

R = Can we have Fun with Rejection

S = Sales Leader Challenges

T = Team Player

U = Understand Your Customer

V = Value Proposition

W = Worst Paid or Best Paid

X = X Marks the Spot

Y = You Sell and They Buy

Z = Gen Z and Others

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Buy now and I will include as a Bonus a lifetime subscription to my Sales Mastery Series. These are 40-50 minute trainings on key sales topics where I get into a lot more detail on really important issues. It is planned that this will evolve into a monthly subscription but will start with a lifetime onetime subscription cost of $247 or $97 for each lesson and you get it for FREE. Right now there are three lessons completed and I have plans to add more trainings and monthly webinars with Sales Leaders and Experts. Current topics include

  • Connect With Your Customer - 40 Minutes
  • Death of a Sales Person - 45 Minutes
  • The Success Continuum - 40 Minutes

And you get a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee!

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