Have you ever in your Sales career looked in the mirror and said “I thought I’d be further ahead by now?” Well, you are not alone. STICK AROUND as I am going to share with you what it takes to go from where you are now to where you really want to be!

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So let me ask you another more specific question?...

What would it mean to you to double your sales with one incredibly simple technique or strategy?...


And here is the best part - you do not have to make more prospecting or sales calls…


If you are 100% commission this could double your income – WOW!! …

If you are salary + commission this could double your commission – Again WOW!! …


My name is Wayne Fredin and I have been selling for over 30 years..

I have sold everything from multi million dollar technical solutions to low ticket consumer products…

I have led national and international business to business sales teams..

I have built and led large network marketing teams..

I have been on literally thousands of sales calls..

I have organized and conducted hundreds of sales training events with very small to very large groups..

I am not telling you this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that I have proverbially been there, done that and have the scars and T-shirts to prove it!!!

Testimonial on Wayne's book which forms the basis for this course. I think this book speaks directly to the fundamental challenge facing every professional no matter if you're working in sales, academia, government or the corner grocery store. Like the title infers, that challenge ultimately boils down to leadership in all its guises. It's a quick, engaging read chock full of ideas, tips and strategies you can use to motivate, engage and empower everyone you're in daily contact with. I use it as a recipe/cook book that helps me move seamlessly more towards leading and away from managing. If you're looking to gain some insight into how to effectively lead a team of sales professionals, Sales Leadership is a great place to start. Bert TerHart,

Back in October 1992 while at a business convention one of the speakers challenged us to take a few minutes and write down our personal mission statement. Here is what I wrote back then...

My purpose is to contribute to the personal and financial well being of any person who wishes to benefit from what I offer and I commit to myself and them I shall always be ethical, open, honest and sincere in what I do and how I fulfill this purpose.

My first career was as an Army Officer. I graduated from Royal Roads Military College in Canada way back in 1980. I truly believe in the concept of Service before Self. The Military ingrained in me the importance of having and being true to my Values and Authentic Leadership. With a combined 25 years of Regular and Reserve service over the past 40 years I retired in 2011 as a Lieutenant Colonel. So that is who I am and what is important to me.

So back to my first question – what would doubling your sales mean to you?



Today I am excited to announce that my Fundamental Sales Course is fully launched and available for ordering. Whether you are brand new in sales or a veteran with a strong track record, this course will provide you with insights and perspectives that will change the way you sell and more importantly the results you get!! To get you started my Alphabet Sales and Sales Mastery Series are available now, more about them later.


This is a big claim and I stand behind it completely! If you are not completely satisfied I offer a 30 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. It is there if you need it but my objective is to give you so much value you are not just a customer but become a raving fan and promoter!


Maybe you have heard the old joke

…if you cannot do it then teach, and

…if you cannot teach then consult LOL!!

You know, I am probably just like you – I have a full time sales job with a large company. The lessons I teach are what I do every day. I do not just talk the talk – I walk the walk!


The course starts with what I call my Core Concept or Foundational piece – just applying this one technique will immediately have a massive impact on your sales business and that is simply the beginning. How massive – how about doubling your sales performance over the next 90-180 days?

Testimonial on Wayne's book which forms the basis of this course. The author truly succeeds in combining the importance of combining leadership and managerial skills in order to forge a winning sales formula. The layout of the book into short chapters and sections really resonated with me as it maintains a good logical sequence without falling into the trap of getting bogged down in the minutiae of the subject. Anecdotal references are always relevant to the various sales lessons and the instructional tone is always positive and progressive. I enjoyed the pace of this book and think the key lessons would be useful to any professional leading and motivating a sales team or any team for that matter. Mark Kandal

You know what I have learned? High performing sales people use this concept every day and most do not even know it..

just imagine the results they could achieve if they did it on purpose and WITH purpose!


Start to Stack the Deck in your Favour.

Go into every sales call with the odds on your side.

You won’t win every deal but this concept will totally change your Ratios, Revenue, Results and Rewards!

Building on that Core Concept Foundation, I then introduce you to my 4 Pillars or cornerstones.

Back to Basics

Plan Meticulously and Execute Flawlessly

Best or Worst Paid

Just One More!


You really do need to go though these to fully understand their importance to all sales professionals!


Here is a Sales Truth

You cannot control your Results but

You can control the Actionable Activities that lead to Results!


With that in mind, I walk you through a Generic Sales Process that can be modified to suit any type or style of sales. I focus on identifying the Actionable Activities and how to get so good at them your sales performance will dramatically improve.


The last 7 modules address very specific topics like

Preparation and Planning

Power Prospecting

Have Great Meetings


Have Fun with Rejection

The Harder you Work

Pulling it all Together


So 16 modules with a total of 67 segments each between 4 and 10 minutes long. It is like spending a full day with me in a workshop environment but you get to do it on your time and repeat segments as often as you want. You also get a detailed printout for each module to work along with or keep as a reminder or guide.


The full course outline can be found at the bottom of this page.


The overwhelming majority of Sales people behaviors are driven by how they are compensated..

Ok let's just call it like it is..SHOW ME THE MONEY!!


So even if you only get half of what I believe you can do by using this material on every sales call you make would that be ok?

Instead of doubling your sales you only increase them by 50%?

How about a third??


Let me assure you this is a single offer. There is no bump sell, no up sell, no down sell – this is the only offer associated with the launch.


You are here with me now and I hope in our brief time together you have seen and heard enough to know my values and what I stand for. If you have stayed to this point I believe you want to get better sales results and rewards. All that is missing is how to get there. You want to learn from someone that really cares and can help you get there and I would like it to be me!


So here are the numbers. My Fundamental Sales Course will sell for $579 but you are not going to be asked to pay close to that.


In addition to the Fundamental Sales Course I am going to include my Alphabet Sales Series. This is a fun and refreshing look at Sales topics from A-Z where each is 5-8 minutes long. This will sell for $257. To learn more about what is included have a look at the bottom on this page.


Wait - there is more!

I will also include my Sales Mastery Series. These are 40-50 minute trainings on key sales topics where I get into a lot more detail on really important issues. This will evolve into a monthly subscription but will start with a lifetime one time subscription cost of $247. It will also include 2 monthly Open Office webinar Q&A sessions for all my customers to come together and share ideas and stories and lessons learned. To see what is there now go to the bottom of this page.


And to top it off you will also get the audio and eBook versions of my book Sales Leadership: Distinctions With a Difference valued at $14.99 and $9.99 each.

Finally and this is going to be very limited. The first 50 people who buy will also get 3 x 45 minute personal coaching sessions with me. We can talk about anything related to selling that helps you be more successful in your selling career. These sessions have a value of $297.


Testimonial on Wayne's book which forms the basis for this course. One of the challenges with leading a sales organization is trying and insisting on implementing strategies that have worked in the past without factoring the ever changing dynamic of today's sales force. Mr Fredin presents an approach that is logical and consistent with high performing sales management. An enjoyable read that gives you pause for thought.......I recommend this book and investment of time in reading for all up and coming sales leaders who may have thought they had the formula and for established leaders with a need for reaffirmation of their style. Thanks Wayne!! Jeffrey Cohen

So here is what you get

The Fundamental Sales Course worth $579

The Alphabet Sales Series worth $257

The Sales Mastery Lifetime Subscription worth $247

The Audio and eBook worth $24.98

The 3 x 45 Minute Coaching sessions worth $297.

All in this is valued at over $1400.

The launch price for this will be $247 – a discount of over 80%.

For taking advantage of this incredible offer and trusting in me to deliver, you get all this for only $247 or 3 payments of $89 each.


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Schedule a 15 Minute Call with Wayne to help you Decide if this is Right for You!

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With almost 40 years of experience as an Army Officer, a Sales Executive and a Salesman in both public and private companies and having been self-employed, Wayne shares with you his most fundamental lessons. Wayne provides direct insight and focus on Selling and Sales Leadership and offers thoughts and ideas you can immediately put to use.