In this sales tip of the week we are going to examine how to reduce your rate of rejection. One of the main reasons for failure in sales is because too many sales people just cannot handle rejection. Rejection comes in all shapes and sizes. If you cannot get a ‘meeting’ you are being rejected. When you have a meeting but cannot identify an opportunity you are being rejected. After you find the opportunity and provide a solution and quote but do not get the sale you are being rejected. And on and on it goes in sales but that is what we do.

Nobody wants to be rejected

Here is something interesting to think about; do a better job of handling objections and you can reduce the amount of rejection you get! Reducing your rejection rates and ratios translates into more success, more sales and more rewards!

Sales Tip on handling sales objections

Sales Tip – Reduce Rejection by being better at Objection Handling

So let’s discuss objection handling. There are books written on this but I just want to keep it simple and offer just 5 tips or techniques you can easily get really good at that will make a difference in your sales business. Now before getting into the techniques, let me offer a critical tip. Do not get defensive, don’t be confrontational and do not push back aggressively. Be sensitive to your body language and how you speak (how loud, how fast, how expressive). Even if you win the ‘argument’ you might still lose not just this business but the relationship as well!

Anticipation is Critical or Be Prepared

The brutal truth about selling is that we see and hear the same things over and over and over again. There should be very few questions or objections you have not already had to deal with. If you have not already done so, take the time to write down the 3 or 5 or 7 sort of typical or standard objections you get and then write down how you have handled them before and how did that work. What you do not want is to sound too prepared as you might be perceived as ‘slick’ so a little ‘acting’ can be a good thing. For example, even if they ask the exact same question that everyone asks you might do this. Hey Bill that is a great question, I cannot remember when it was last asked. So let me offer this and tell them the answer.

Ignore and Move On Technique

You have to be a bit bold to do this but it often works well. The customer throws out an objection and you simply ignore it and move on to the next point you want to make. If the customer brings up the objection again it is real and you must address it, otherwise leave it alone.

The Boomerang Technique

This one is fun. Simply repeat the objection back as a question and be quiet! The customer says ‘your price seems high’ and you respond with ‘are you saying my price is high?’ in a ‘curious’ way. Very often the customer will feel compelled to give you more insight why they asked the question. They might have another quote, they might have done an online search, they might have heard from someone you are great but typically expensive. Do not make assumptions but rather ask a few questions and see what you are able to learn. You may actually be high and if so maybe the next technique is your next step.

If…Will Technique

This can be a very strong way to deal with price or delivery concerns. Often the objection comes in the form of ‘I really like your solution but you are a bit more expensive than the other quote’. The if..will technique plays out with ‘If I can match the other price, will you buy from me?’ It is a blend of a test close and a compromise on your part but your out is you have to get approval for the price or delivery or whatever match.

Feel, Felt Found

This really is one of my all time favorites. When you hear the objection keep it simple and say something like ‘I know how your FEEL!’ By agreeing with them you take any edge off the conversation. Then say ‘When I first saw this price or issue or whatever, I FELT the same way. Wow, now you and the customer are on the same path. Then finish with ‘When I did some digging here is what I FOUND’ Here is when you actually address the objection but it is now from a position of strength and not in any type of defensive position.

Sales Tip – Have a Strong Value Proposition

Sales TIp is to have a strong Value Proposition

Weave your Value Proposition into every objection response. Start to look at objections as simply requests for more information. Rather than just dumping more facts and figures, determine the best way to highlight your value prop. And remember, the value prop will be different for different people or roles. The procurement person is often incented by getting the best deal, the user wants the best experience and the financial person focuses on total cost of ownership.

Don’t wait till you are face to face with an objection to have this all sorted out. In the same way as you have taken the time to work through standard or typical objections, do the same for your various products or services for the value prop for the different roles or people you typically deal with. There is no such thing as too much Preparation and Planning but there such as thing as not enough Execution.

Objection Handling is one of those Skill and Art things all sales people need to continually work on. The Skill is in knowing the answers and the Art is in being able to deliver the message in the moment. 

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Wayne Fredin
Wayne Fredin

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