Alphabet Sales Series

Let me ask you a question – as a sales person have you ever lost a deal and wondered what might you have been able to do differently? I suspect we have all done that many, many times. Have you found you are so busy just trying to do your job you sometimes lose sight of the some of the basics including ongoing personal development and sales self improvement?

To help you with that, I recently produced the Alphabet Sales Series. The idea is you can give yourself a short and quick refresher in just 5-8 minutes every day or so depending on your schedule. The Alphabet Sales Series is a fun and refreshing look at 26 Sales topics from A-Z where each is only 5-8 minutes long. It comes with both Video and Audio files so you have the option of watching or just listening. For example,


A = Always Be Closing

B = Back to Basics

C = 5 C's to Success

D = Dial for Dollars

E = Execute Brilliantly

F = Feel Felt Found – an incredible objection handling technique

G = Great Example

H = Half Done is Well Begun

I = Inside Sales

J = Just One More

K = Keep it Real

L = Top 3 Leadership Principles

M = Managing Your Emotions

N = By the Numbers

O = Opportunity Knocks

P = Plan Meticulously

Q = Quotes and Cliches

R = Can we have Fun with Rejection

S = Sales Leader Challenges

T = Team Player

U = Understand Your Customer

V = Value Proposition

W = Worst Paid or Best Paid

X = X Marks the Spot

Y = You Sell and They Buy

Z = Gen Z and Others

This Series is only $257, less than $10 a lesson. If even one of these helps you close a deal you will probably have made all your money back and more. To get yours just click on the Buy Now button below.

Wait – there is more!

In addition to the Alphabet Sales Series I am going to include an exciting bonus.

You get 3 x 45 minute virtual coaching sessions with me. You can book these though my online calendar. We can talk about anything sales related that is important to you. These coaching sessions are worth $247 but you get them for FREE!

So you get a total value of $504 for only $257 – a discount of almost 50%.

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With almost 40 years of experience as an Army Officer, a Sales Executive and a Salesman in both public and private companies and having been self-employed, Wayne shares with you his most fundamental lessons. Wayne provides direct insight and focus on Selling and Sales Leadership and offers thoughts and ideas you can immediately put to use.