I think this book speaks directly to the fundamental challenge facing every professional no matter if you're working in sales, academia, government or the corner grocery store. Like the title infers, that challenge ultimately boils down to leadership in all its guises. It's a quick, engaging read chock full of ideas, tips and strategies you can use to motivate, engage and empower everyone you're in daily contact with. I use it as a recipe/cook book that helps me move seamlessly more towards leading and away from managing. If you're looking to gain some insight into how to effectively lead a team of sales professionals, Sales Leadership is a great place to start. Bert TerHart, Oct 24, 2015

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The author truly succeeds in combining the importance of combining leadership and managerial skills in order to forge a winning sales formula. The layout of the book into short chapters and sections really resonated with me as it maintains a good logical sequence without falling into the trap of getting bogged down in the minutiae of the subject. Anecdotal references are always relevant to the various sales lessons and the instructional tone is always positive and progressive. I enjoyed the pace of this book and think the key lessons would be useful to any professional leading and motivating a sales team or any team for that matter. Mark Kandal, Nov 9, 2015

One of the challenges with leading a sales organization is trying and insisting on implementing strategies that have worked in the past without factoring the ever changing dynamic of today's sales force. Mr Fredin presents an approach that is logical and consistent with high performing sales management. An enjoyable read that gives you pause for thought.......I recommend this book and investment of time in reading for all up and coming sales leaders who may have thought they had the formula and for established leaders with a need for reaffirmation of their style. Thanks Wayne!! Jeffrey Cohen, Oct 26, 2015