How can Wayne work with you and your team?

  • Sales Training

    Even good sales teams need periodic sales update training and under-performing teams can benefit dramatically from one or more sessions with me. I will work with your Sales Leadership to design and deliver targeted training to meet key performance objectives.

    Basic and Getting Started

    Intermediate and Advanced Strategies

    Workshop and Webinar Formats

    All Tailored to Your Situation

  • Sales Leadership Training

    Just as all sales teams require regular training, Sales Leaders at all levels also benefit dramatically from specialized training sessions purpose designed to create high performance sales teams.

    Enhance Your Leadership Skills

    Improve Your Management Styles

    Interactive Role Play Exercises

    Customized to Your Needs

  • Mentorship Programs

    Beyond structured training programs or sessions I also offer mentoring with individual Sales Leaders, Sales Teams or Sales Reps to reinforce key lessons and take your overall Sales performance to new levels of success.

    Multi Session Program

    Unique for each Individual

    Objective Based Milestones

    Long Term Follow Ups

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“I was hired by Wayne and found out quickly his determined focus on how a well-trained sales team can enhance a company’s position. Wayne has a terrific ability as a communicator and motivator, he understands the wants and needs of a sales professional all the while ensuring the fit within the department. Wayne is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with in technology sales and marketing” .

Mike T ExperiencedTechnical Sales Rep hired by Wayne

As the division Director of Sales at a 100M hardware/software design and manufacturing company, I reported to Wayne. I highly recommend his effective sales training abilities and the inspirational leadership he provided to the sales staff that reported to me as well as to myself.

Jim S