Sales Mastery Series

Have you ever thought or said "wouldn't it be great if I could have a steady diet of great sales training and coaching sessions to keep me focused and on track to ever increasing results and income"?

Even better if it was something I could work with when and where I want based on my schedule and priorities!

To help you with that, I have introduced the Sales Mastery Series. This is a series of 30-45 minute video or audio trainings on subjects that are really key to helping you drive your Revenue, Rewards and Results!

Right now there are a few completed lessons available to review as often as you like and each month more will be added. I plan to include guest webinars from leading sales experts from all sales walks of life from Enterprise sales to Direct Sales and everything in between. Over time I hope to convert this into a monthly subscription based program but for now I am offering a Lifetime subscription for one modest price.

The current lessons include

Connect with your Customer

Death of a Sales Person

The Success Continuum

Each lesson is worth $97 but right now you can get your Lifetime Subscription for only $247. If even one of these helps you close a deal you will probably have made all your money back and more. To get yours just click on the Take Action and Order Now button below.

Wait – there is more!

In addition to the Sales Mastery Series I am going to include an exciting bonus.

You get 3 x  45 minute virtual coaching sessions with me. You can book these though my online calendar. We can talk about anything sales related that is important to you. These coaching sessions are worth $247 but you get them for FREE!

So you get a total value of $494 for only $247 – a discount of 50%.

You can do this as a single one time payment or if you would prefer you can do 3 payments of $87 each.

Just click on the Take Action and Order Now button and it will take you to my order processing page where you can use either PayPay or your Credit Card.

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With almost 40 years of experience as an Army Officer, a Sales Executive and a Salesman in both public and private companies and having been self-employed, Wayne shares with you his most fundamental lessons. Wayne provides direct insight and focus on Selling and Sales Leadership and offers thoughts and ideas you can immediately put to use.