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Take Action Sales Academy Launch Bundle Campaign

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I know you are in or interested in Sales but it can be a very tough go whether you are full time or part time. With some great training and hard work you can really improve your success in Sales and earn the type of income you have always wanted. Where do you go to get this training? Well, I found the place and it is {{$tracking_link}}

I have known Wayne for many years. He is an outstanding sales trainer and mentor. Based on his book Sales Leadership: Distinctions with a Difference he has now created the online Take Action Sales Academy. He is now offering his online training and you really should check it out. RIght now he is offering a fantastic Bundle that includes

  • Fundamental Sales Course almost 8 hours of sales training. It would be like spending the full day with Wayne in a workshop
  • Alphabet Sales Series
  • Sales Mastery Series
  • copies of his book in Audiobook and eBook formats
  • for the first 50 to buy you even get 3 x 45 minute personal online coaching sessions with Wayne

I know you will benefit from this and because of that I am referring all my friends and associated interested in selling to see what Wayne has to offer. Again just go to {{$tracking_link}} to learn more.

Have a fantastic day!



I bought this training and it is great and thought you might be interested too. I have known Wayne for many years and he is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. He has worked for months to put together this training and I really recommend you have a look. He is offering it as a bundle with lots of extras for a really great price.

Check it out at {{$tracking_link}}



I just wanted to send you a quick follow up note to see if you have had a chance to look at Wayne's online sales training at {{$tracking_link}} He is an excellent trainer and coach and I really think you could benefit from what he offers. Right now he is offering this as part of a bundle with lots of bonus material and even the chance to have 3 x 45 personal virtual coaching sessions with Wayne. And best of all it all comes at a really great price!

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